Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​​Where are your guitars made?

    Premier and Excel Acoustics:
    Made in China by our trusted Chinese factory, considered one of the best acoustic factories worldwide.

    Premier Electrics:
    Made in Indonesia—owned, managed, and operated by the same family for over 30 years.

    Deluxe and Excel Series Electrics:
    Designed in New York City and built in our state-of-the-art South Korean facility by a select group of builders.

    Master Builder Series:
    Handmade to John D’Angelico’s careful specifications in New York City by our Master Luthier—rare, one-of-a-kind instruments.

    USA Custom Shop:
    Built directly to customer spec from an a la carte menu of boutique options in the D’Angelico Custom Shop, located in remote California.

  • Do you make them in the U.S.?

    Our Master Builder Series guitars are handmade in a one-man shop in New York City—the same way John D’Angelico’s originals were.

  • What are the benefits of using laminated woods on archtops and semi-hollows?

    There is an unfair stigma associated with laminate guitars, but there are great reasons as to why they have become more popular in recent years. Laminate woods (comprised of tight, thin layers) soften the harsh overtones to which all-solid guitars are prone. This results in a far less ‘sensitive’ guitar, allowing the player to control the tone of their instrument regardless of volume, or the room in which they are playing. And as for durability, there is no better option. Laminate guitars are a modern solution to age-old guitar issues, all without a sacrifice in tone.

  • Are the acoustics solid or laminated top, back and sides?

    All of our acoustics have solid tops and laminated back and sides. A select number of all-solid models have been made in extremely small batches over the years.

  • Where can I purchase D'Angelico guitars?

    While we do not sell direct to consumers, we have hundreds of authorized dealers where you can purchase D’Angelico guitars. Both online and retail dealers are listed on the “Where to Buy” tab on our website. Check it out!

  • Can I purchase directly from you?

    We do not sell direct, however, we work with hundreds of authorized dealers across the world which are listed on our website. You can search by zip code or address to find an authorized dealer near you.

  • ​Where can I find a dealer?

    Right here, on our “Where to Buy” dealer locator!

  • What if my local dealer does not have the model I want?

    Not a problem. Have your dealer contact us to special order the model you want. You can also give us a call directly to help arrange a sale at a local dealer near you.

  • Where do you install the battery in D’Angelico acoustic guitars?

    Our acoustics take a standard 9V battery.

    In most of our acoustic guitars, the battery insert is located under the onboard preamp, on the side of lower bow. In some models, the battery compartment is located on the bottom of the body, near the strap pin.

  • Do the acoustics come with a battery?

    Yes, all of our acoustics are sold with a new 9V battery.

  • What's the scale length of the acoustic models? The electric models?

    The specifications for every model are available on our website. Just go to “Guitars” and then find the product you’re looking for.

  • Can I plug my acoustic into a P.A. System?

    Absolutely. Almost all of our acoustics are equipped with an onboard preamp and pickup system allowing you to easily plug into any P.A. system, amplifier or speaker.

  • The Musician’s Friend website has different specs than your website, which one is correct?

    The most up-to-date specifications are always available on our website, which we are constantly refining to include our latest models. Our dealers should have the same specs, and we work consistently to ensure that. For specific questions that aren’t listed, feel free to give us a call or e-mail

  • What's your warranty?

    D’Angelico guarantees a lifetime warranty on instruments bought on or after January 1st, 2013. For more information on our warranty and registration please visit:

  • My tailpiece broke. What do I do?

    Please email to see if you qualify for a repair or replacement tailpiece.

  • What gauge strings do your guitars come with?

    The gauge strings that the guitars come with varies by model. That information is available in specs, per product, on our website.

  • Do you sell replacement parts?

    Our instruments come with a lifetime warranty. If you have damaged parts, give us a call and we’ll be happy to get replacement parts out to you. Or feel free to email us at

  • I bought my guitar at a D’Angelico Authorized Dealer. The strings are buzzing, can I take it to them for repair?

    Our warranty does not cover the playability of an instrument whose “action” is lower than the standard “action” as set at the factory, nor does it cover “subjective” matters such as sound. Please consult your dealer directly to see if they can accommodate this adjustment. For more information on warranty coverage, please visit

  • Do you have a Customer Service department or phone number?

    If you have customer service questions, we encourage you to give us a call at our New York City headquarters at (646)-460-8472 or contact your local dealer.

  • Can I tell, by looking at the serial number, where the guitar was produced and what year it was made?

    Typically, yes. The first letter indicates the location where the instrument was made, and subsequent digits indicate the year the instrument was made.  Example: A serial number starting with W17 indicates the guitar was built in Korea, in 2017. See below for location initials.

    • S, US, W = Korea
    • SI, US (on Premier Series guitars) = Indonesia
    • C = China
    • NY, MB = U.S.A.
  • Do you sell D'Angelico guitar strings?

    Yes, we offer electric strings called Electrozinc strings, which are engineered by D’Addario, and Prohibition Bronze acoustic strings. Information on our strings, as well as our string dealers, is available on our website. Just click “Strings” at the top!

  • What kind of pickups are in your guitars?

    The pickups in our guitars vary per model.  All product information regarding electronics are available on our website. Just navigate to the model you’re interested in, then click “product specs”.

  • I can't get the tuner on my acoustic guitar to work. Can you help?

    Make sure you are using a charged 9V battery that is inserted properly. Otherwise, please give our customer service a call at 646-460-8472.

  • How can I adjust the string action/ height on my acoustic?

    For any significant neck adjustments, we recommend you take to your local guitar technician or luthier. Or, if you’re experienced adjusting a truss rod, all D’Angelico guitars have an adjustable dual action truss rod.

  • Are your guitars easy to play?

    All of our guitars have a slim neck shape and lightweight bodies to maximize playability!

  • I don't live near any music stores. How can I play one of your guitars?

    We have hundreds of dealers all over the world. Please visit and enter your zip code or address to find a D’Angelico Authorized Dealer near you. Depending on where you live, you may have to drive a bit—but we promise it will be worth the journey!

  • Can you send me one of your guitars to try out?

    Unfortunately, since we don’t sell guitars direct, we are unable to accommodate sending out guitars to try. We highly recommend you visit a D’Angelico Authorized Dealer ( to try one of our guitars or make an appointment to visit us at our New York showroom (

  • How much do your American made guitars cost?

    Our Master Builder guitars vary in price and availability and are custom-made per order. If you are interested in availability and pricing options for a particular model, please give us a call!

  • I bought my D’Angelico online. It has a scratch on it. Do I return it to you directly?

    Please e-mail and we will determine the best way to resolve your issue!

  • Where do I find more info about cases and small parts?
    • Cases: Please touch base with your local retailer.
    • Knick-Knacks: Contact your Authorized Dealer First, or send us an e-mail at
    • Various Non-Warranty Parts: Please contact your Authorized Dealer. You can also check our online store for the accessories we offer!

Please direct any additional questions to