The Resilient Rises

The stage of Madison Square Garden is where the members of The Resilient first met and played together. The four men were all living in DC at the time. Greg who was raised in the city, was working
as a musician and freelance teacher. Tim, Dom, and Nate had been living at Walter Reed Military hospital after recovering from life altering injuries received in Afghanistan. After a few years of playing together on and off,
The Resilient was formed on Nantucket Island in the fall of 2017. The Resilient members have played with greats like Roger Waters, Yo Yo Ma, and Aaron Neville, playing on stages all over the country. When they aren’t traveling for shows, the band is working on writing and recording their first album. They will be releasing songs as singles, with an album available by the end of this year.
In 2020, filmmakers Kimberly Nunez-North and Travis North will be following The Resilient as they continue to write their own music making their voice heard.


The Resilient Rises documentary will follow the band as they transition from a novelty cover band to a rock band that creates original music that gives them a voice to express the impact or war, their battle with PTSD and TBI, and the hope they’ve found with music and each other. Greg Lohman, a professional musician, volunteered to bring music to vets as a way to find healing and hope. Tim, Dom, and Nate met Greg and connected through music — The Resilient was born. They began as a cover band as a way to learn to play together as group with songs that an audience could easily recognize.

As a cover band, The Resilient played numerous galas and events. In their transition to a rock band with original music, the band will open doors to larger venues and new audiences. In 2020, the band will embark on a journey to create an album of original music. The documentary will follow the band as they work tirelessly to create music that expresses their voice and message. Their music is vulnerable and raw. They sing about topics that some are afraid to talk about, but the band strives to create an environment that is safe to express fear, doubt, and hope.

The band has unique challenges. They are spread across the United States, and traveling as an amputee brings its own set of challenges. However, all members of the band display tremendous dedication and creating their own sound is one of their highest priorities. The documentary will follow the band through the ups and downs of creating and album while also navigating the challenges of touring larger venues. Filmmakers Kimberly Nunez-North and Travis North have developed a strong relationship with the members of The Resilient which they believe is key to showing the authentic struggle of creating an album. Fears and insecurities will surface as the band begins displaying their inner feelings to new audiences. From personal experience, the filmmakers understand the weight of PTSD and the bravery necessary to fight for hope. They are honored to share their story.

D’Angelico Guitars invited The Resilient Band to perform at the 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim California. The documentary shows the band at their booth and throughout the highly regarded industry trades show.

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