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Bounty of new D’Angelico products for 2015

Welcome to the brand new D’Angelico website! Pretty good-looking, huh? A lot has changed here at D’Angelico, and this site will be the main vehicle for delivering everything new directly to you.

Throughout 2014, D’Angelico has progressed immensely. Our product line, distribution network and artist roster have all grown, which means we are bringing more D’Angelicos to more customers than ever before. We are thrilled to be able to share all of these new products with you now.

One of the biggest changes you’ll see out of D’Angelico this year is our brand new line of acoustic instruments. We now offer eight acoustic guitars, one of which is the EX-63, an exceptional reissue of the original 1963 acoustic archtop. We’ve even added an acoustic bass! Not only do all of these instruments boast master-craftsmanship, but they are available at affordable prices. I had the immense pleasure of locking myself in the acoustic room at the D’Angelico Showroom in midtown Manhattan for a blissful afternoon of playing each one. To say I can’t pinpoint a favorite is an understatement. I’ll take one of each, please.

In addition for 2015, we are proud to release three new electric guitars: The NY-DC (a USA-made semi-hollow), the EX-DH (a dual humbucker archtop) and the EX-SD Bass (a solidbody powerhouse). These guitars were made in response to the tremendous success of the D’Angelico Standard Series and have already made a home for themselves in the D’Angelico family.

The D’Angelico Showroom is also buzzing with activity. The walls are lined with all the new models in all their available colors—pictures hardly do it justice. We’ve added a host of new artists to our roster, many of whom have swung by the showroom for a visit, including Italian jazz guitarist Fabrizio Sotti, who just finished customizing his gorgeous signature EX-SS.

With NAMM right around the corner, we finally have a chance to debut so many of these excellent new additions—we are beyond excited to see what 2015 brings. As always, our team at D’Angelico promises to uphold the legacy of master-luthier John D’Angelico by producing instruments of the absolute utmost quality. Thank you for helping us carry on the tradition of one of the world’s finest guitar brands.

The D’Angelico Team

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