What's your warranty policy?

D’Angelico guarantees a limited lifetime warranty on instruments bought on or after January 1st, 2013. For more information on our warranty and registration please visit: ​https://dangelicoguitars.com/warranty/

Where can I get warranty work done?

To receive warranty work, first make sure you are registered on our website: https://dangelicoguitars.com/registration/. Then please contact the D’Angelico dealer you have purchased your instrument from and request a “warranty assessment.” You can find local, authorized dealers here: https://dangelicoguitars.com/where-to-buy/. Guitar Center has many convenient locations across the country and Sweetwater offers mail-in service. Please be sure to provide your sales receipt to the technician.

Can a used guitar be covered under warranty?

No, only newly purchased instruments are eligible for warranty coverage.

Broken Tailpiece

If your Stairstep tailpiece has broken, please be sure you are registered for our warranty, then please send an email to info@dangelicoguitars.com. If your instrument is no longer covered under warranty, or if you’d like to purchase a different finish option, please visit https://dangelicoguitars.com/store/.

My strings are buzzing, can I take them to a D’Angelico Authorized Dealer for repair under warranty?

Our warranty does not cover the playability of an instrument whose “action” is lower than the standard “action” as set at the factory, nor does it cover “subjective” matters such as sound. However, it does cover construction defects. Please consult your dealer directly. For more information on warranty coverage, please visit ​https://dangelicoguitars.com/warranty.​

Scratch or cosmetic issue- Do I return it to you directly​?

Please e-mail ​warranty@dangelicoguitars.com​ and we will determine the best way to resolve your issue!

Where do I find more info about cases and small parts?

a. Cases: Please touch base with your local retailer.
b. Knick-Knacks: Contact your Authorized Dealer first, or send us an e-mail at info@dangelicoguitars.com.
c. Various Non-Warranty Parts: Please contact your Authorized Dealer.
d. You can also check our online store for the accessories we offer!

Purchasing a new Tailpiece
Pickguard needs

We offer select variations here: https://dangelicoguitars.com/store/scalini-pickguard/. Please visit WD Pickguards for solidbody pickguard needs: https://www.wdmusic.com/wd-custom-pickguards.html

Do you sell replacement parts?

Our instruments come with a limited lifetime warranty. If you have damaged parts, give us a call and we’ll be happy to get replacement parts out to you. Or feel free to email us at ​warranty@dangelicoguitars.com​.

Damaged or lost truss rod cover
How can I adjust the string action/ height on my acoustic?

For any significant neck adjustments, we recommend you take your instrument to your local guitar technician or luthier. Or, if you’re experienced adjusting a truss rod, all D’Angelico guitars have an adjustable dual action truss rod.

The Musician’s Friend website has different specs than your website, which one is correct?

The most up-to-date specifications are always available on our website, which we are constantly refining to include our latest models. Our dealers should have the same specs, and we work consistently to ensure that. For specific questions that aren’t listed, feel free to give us a call or e-mail ​info@dangelicoguitars.com.

Can I plug my acoustic into a P.A. System?

Absolutely. Almost all of our acoustics are equipped with an onboard preamp and pickup system allowing you to easily plug into any P.A. system, amplifier or speaker.

How do I install a trem bar on a Bedford?

The tremolo bar can be adjusted to preference—loose or tight. It is always recommended to have a technician install parts if you are unfamiliar with the process. If you are knowledgable on guitar parts follow the step by step instructions:

1. Push the bar into the opening on the top of the bridge
2. Apply pressure to the bar like you’re doing a “dive bomb”
3. Look at the back of the tremolo block for a set-screw
4. Using the included Allen wrench, tighten the screw until the bar is as tight as you prefer

What's the difference between stairstep tailpiece and stop bar tailpiece?

Our Stairstep trapeze-style tailpiece offers a slightly spongier feel than a standard stopbar, due to its suspending the strings above the body of the guitar. This same suspension that occurs behind the bridge results in extra harmonic frequencies ringing out while the strings are played, which some players prefer. Those looking for a traditional archtop or semi-hollow feel should try out our Stairstep option, while those who are looking for a more modern, taut string feel that provides little give should head towards our stopbar option.

I can't get the tuner on my acoustic guitar to work. Can you help?

Make sure you are using a charged 9V battery that is inserted properly.
Otherwise, please give our customer service a call at 646-460-8472.

What is the standard set up that comes on a D'Angelico Guitar?

10/1000ths of an inch relief.

5/64ths” string height on the low side (TOM)

4/64ths” string height on the high side (TOM)

For guitars with a Fender-style vibrato, 4/64ths” string height on both sides.

6 way switch//coil tapping explained

Both configurations allow for a number of tonal options. A six-way switch allows you to share your humbuckers, isolate either, turn either into a single-coil pickup, or share both single-coils. Coil-splitting tone knobs allow for the same options, plus two added options, where the neck pickup is split and the bridge remains a humbucker, and vice versa. Here’s a video we made walking through the options https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFZA3vLACMY&t=2s

Cleaning products

For glossy finishes, this is a helpful video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh3myrzWTPE. A little warm water can go a long way for cleaning a matte finished instrument. Lizard spit is okay on matte finishes, as well, but we don’t recommend directly spraying the instrument (spray the rag), or overdoing it.

What are the electrozinc strings made of?

The strings are steel, with a zinc-plated core and EXP-coating. The base steel has a max nickel content of 0.25%. So there is a trace amount of nickel.

Replacing Locking Tuners

What gauge strings do your guitars come with?

String gauge varies by model. That information is available in specs, per product, on our website.

What kind of pickups are in your guitars?

The pickups in our guitars vary per model. All product information regarding electronics are available on our website. Just navigate to the model you’re interested in, then click “product specs”.

Do you have a Customer Service department or phone number?

If you have customer service questions, we encourage you to email us as info@dangelicoguitars.com and someone will be happy to assist you.

Can I tell, by looking at the serial number, where the guitar was produced and what year it was made?

Typically, yes. The first letter indicates the location where the instrument was made, and subsequent digits indicate the year the instrument was made. Example: A serial number starting with W17 indicates the guitar was built in Korea, in 2017. See below for location initials.

i. S, US (on Excel Series guitars), W = Korea
ii. SI, US (on Premier Series guitars) = Indonesia
iii. C = China
iv. NY, MB = U.S.A.

Note: some Premier Series semi-hollows from 2017 do not follow this. In this case, it is likely they were made in 2017.

Do you sell D'Angelico guitar strings?

Yes, we offer electric strings called Electrozinc strings and Prohibition Bronze acoustic strings, which are both engineered by D’Addario. Information on our strings, as well as our string dealers, is available on our website.

Are your guitars easy to play?

D’Angelico guitars are designed to be extremely easy to play, featuring specifications like generally slim neck shapes, comfortable fingerboard radiuses, and vintage-style fretwire.

Can you send me one of your guitars to try out?

Unfortunately, since we don’t sell guitars directly, we are unable to accommodate sending out guitars to try. We highly recommend you visit a D’Angelico Authorized Dealer (​https://dangelicoguitars.com/where-to-buy​) to try one of our guitars or make an appointment to visit us at our New York showroom (https://dangelicoguitars.com/showroom/​).

How much do your American made guitars cost?

Our Master Builder guitars vary in price and availability and are custom-made per order. If you are interested in availability and pricing options for a particular model, please email us at info@dangelicoguitars.com.

Where can I find a dealer?

Right here, on our “Where to Buy” dealer locator!

What if my local dealer does not have the model I want?

Not a problem. Have your dealer contact us to special order the model you want. You can also give us a call directly to help arrange a sale at a local dealer near you.

I don't live near any music stores. How can I play one of your guitars?

We have hundreds of dealers all over the world. Please visit https://dangelicoguitars.com/where-to-buy/​ and enter your zip code or address to find a D’Angelico Authorized Dealer near you.

Do you make them in the U.S.?

Our Master Builder Series guitars are handmade in a one-man shop in New York City—the same way John D’Angelico’s originals were. We make these instruments on an extremely limited basis. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding new production.

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