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October 17th, 2018


Doesn’t it feel now, more than ever, that we are hurling through time at such a crazy pace that keeping up is simply impossible? And what exactly are we keeping up with? The constant barrage of information, mis-information and every insignificant bit of data in between has deposited us in a constant state of flux that goes nowhere. Modern world problems indeed! So where do we go from here? For us, the answer is simple – we go to Camp Nice!


What started as a simple camping trip has become something so much more, and the changing times have all to do with it. Now Camp Nice is a sanctuary. Not so much an escape as it is a return, Camp Nice is the ultimate reset button. Whether for just one night or the whole twelve days, Camp Nice takes us back to a simpler way of life, one of cooperation, enthusiasm, and creativity, one where family and friends or complete strangers can co-exist peacefully and happily and rebuild the true feeling of what life is all about!


We know it sounds a bit extra, but anyone who has been to Camp Nice will tell you the same! This year saw Camp Nice bloom even more beautifully. A super diverse group of campers ebbing and flowing to and from camp made each day a completely different adventure, there was no way to know which way the vibe would swing. Merit badges were won, arts & crafts were created, boats were raced, waterfalls were discovered, haunted cabins were braved, fires blazed, and epic meals were created and shared. We’d watch the sun come up and then do it all over again!

Camp Nice would not have been what it was without our amazing partners this year.


Receptra Naturals – From CBD infused tea rituals every morning to CBD ointment for post-canoe shoulders, and even a CBD extract to help the Camp Nice canines keep calm in the woods, Receptra truly helped us “Make it Nice.” Their “Hang Up, Be Healthy” no cellphone merit badge was amongst the most coveted and only the most dedicated completed the challenge of 24 full hours without a phone check!


People Footwear – Every camper received a pair of People’s Cypress insulated moccasins that were essential all day and all night comfort.


Arvin Goods – Arvin hooked up a specially packaged Camp Nice sustainable sock meaning everyone had dry feet, even after surviving the few storms that rolled in.


Raen Optics – All campers got to hit the lake in style from Raen’s full range of sunglasses. Some people never even took them off!


Burton Snowboards – Burton’s Camp Nice accessory pack was the perfect size to keep all camp essentials at close hand.


Mizu – This years official Camp Nice mug came from Mizu as did a set of camp cutlery including chop sticks for all campers. Even back in the real world, its all you need to eat and drink and be completely green.


D’Angelico Guitars – From sunset sessions to late night crooning, D’Angelico provided the strings for Camp Nice’s merry musicians.


Austin Eastciders – Who knew camping and cider went so well. From the fully stocked Dardy Bar, Austin Eastciders were a hit from the first sip of the day to the last before bed. They mix great in cocktails too!


Old Blue Last – You’d be hard pressed to look across Camp Nice and not spot OBL’s signature gold can in multiple hands. Ice cold was the way to go.


El Buho Mezcal – When it came to late night libations in front of the fire, The Owl delivered every time.


Don Julio, Bulleit Bourbon & Ketel One Vodka – Our generous liquor sponsors meant that this years Camp Nice never feared a drought and tasty cocktails were always on deck!

We could continue on for days but words ultimately just don’t do Camp Nice justice, so without further ado, please enjoy our Camp Nice Recap Extravaganza in film photos by Craig Wetherby after the jump. To everyone that came, thank you! And to those that didn’t, there’s always next year!



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