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D’Angelico Joins Chris Leamy in Bringing Music Back to Homeless Musicians

D’Angelico Joins Chris Leamy in Bringing Music Back to Homeless Musicians

NEW YORK—May 2017—Inspired by a panhandler on the subway, in 2015, musician Chris Leamy started a social movement called #heplaysforme. Since then, he has played guitar and sung weekly in NYC’s Union Square on behalf of homeless individuals. He raises awareness and funds for those in need. By performing original music and earning spare change for the homeless, Leamy has fed and clothed the less fortunate and even found permanent shelter and a steady job for one man—completely getting him off the streets.

Moved by Leamy’s selflessness and sharing his passion for aiding the homeless, D’Angelico Guitars jumped at the opportunity to provide instruments for the homeless musicians Leamy has met through his program. “When I first met John Glen (one of the homeless musicians Leamy has befriended), he said ‘It would really mean the world to me to have just a few minutes to play your instrument. It calms me down. It’s like oxygen,’” says Leamy. “I called John to meet me so he could jam. But what I didn’t tell him was that D’Angelico was kind enough to donate a guitar for him to keep!” Leamy kept the gift a surprise until they met in person.

“When [D’Angelico] reached out and I explained John’s situation, they were so fast to get involved. I’m blown away by their incredible generosity,” Leamy says. “As he left, John said ‘Even playing it for two minutes I just feel so much happier. But now I can earn tips playing on the street! Life changing.’”

Leamy has been featured on Huffington Post,, Now This News, Inside Edition, The New York Post, The New York Daily News,, The Chicago Sun Times, and a variety of other broadcast, print, online and social media outlets for his musical talent and community service. D’Angelico is proud to join him in the effort to support New York City’s homeless, and bring music back to some of the people who need it most.

For more information, please visit Chris’s Instagram @Leamy_alone as well as

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