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EX-DH Wins Platinum Award

Read below for the review of the “archtop that performs as an electric instrument first and foremost.”


Last year, we took a look at several D’Angelico guitars that were ideal for rock, blues, funk, rockabilly and roots-rock guitarists.

However, the D’Angelico name is best known for some of the finest jazz archtops ever built, and the company is still a great place to start for anyone seeking a fine instrument for jazz.

D’Angelico’s current lineup includes several models that satisfy jazz purists who want an instrument that leans more toward acoustic-flavored tones, but the new EX-DH is an ideal choice for jazz players who want an archtop that performs as an electric instrument first and foremost.

Of course the EX-DH is much more than just a jazz guitar, and anyone looking for a truly electric archtop for almost any style of music will want to try it out.

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