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Modern and Classic Collide: 2022 Limited Edition Series

Limited Edition collections have become a cornerstone of D’Angelico Guitars. In a way, they pay homage to the earliest days of the D’Angelico “brand”, when John D’Angelico built small numbers of unique versions of each of his beloved models. Back then, each guitar was one of a kind.

Today, D’Angelico Limited Edition electric guitars are available to more than just one person at a time, but we keep the number small to create the opportunity for today’s players to acquire a guitar that very few others also have. It is our hope that this creates a sincere, unique bond between player and instrument, and makes the process of creating music that much more special.

What Makes a Limited Edition Guitar Special

Limited Edition collections are our platform for sonic and aesthetic experimentation. Each year, we determine a unique aesthetic palette and select specifications that unite the models within the collection, typically with slight variation across them.

Iterating on the original design of each base model, we feature new electronic pairings and configurations that aim to expand the original spirit of each instrument, while still keeping its identity intact. In other words, it’s our chance to make sure we are offering players the full extent of our vision for each model. 

Our Winter 2022 collection is no exception. Featuring three new colors across six models, this year’s lineup aims to stir together vintage-inspired elements with modern technologies and an undeniably fresh aesthetic.

Sights and Sounds:

The 2022 Winter Limited Edition collection contains six instruments (Atlantic, Brighton, Bedford SH, DC, SS, and Mini DC), each available in gloss-finished Sage, Sapphire, and Rust. These three finishes are paired with all satin nickel hardware (pickup covers included). 

On the Sage and Sapphire Atlantic, Brighton, and Bedford SH solid body models, you’ll find Seymour Duncan Stacked P90 pickups, the noiseless alternative to a pickup players have cherished since their introduction. While Stacked P90s offer a modern twist on the original P90 design, they still achieve the crystal clear, elastic-like cleans and biting overdriven tones players should expect from a P90.

The Rust edition of these three models features Seymour Duncan Retrospec’d Antiquity Humbuckers—the same humbuckers featured on the SS, DC, and Mini DC semi-hollows in all three finishes. Players will feel a sense of familiarity once they hear these pickups, as they are so reminiscent of the favorably open and airy P.A.F. humbuckers of the late 50’s and early 60’s. 

The “Retrospec’d” humbuckers are the non-aged version of Seymour Duncan’s legendary Antiquity humbuckers. For the neck position, Seymour’s description says it best: “articulate, yet mellow tone that results from a perfectly balanced frequency response—combining a soft, sweet treble attack with a warm, full sounding low-end.” And in the bridge position, players can expect the vintage-inspired, sweeping P.A.F. sound that nearly single-handedly defines the sound of rock guitar. 

Each model in the 2022 Limited Edition collection is constructed with timeless tonewood pairings. Rosewood fingerboards, instead of the standard ebony used across D’Angelico Standard Deluxe models, offer an elegant alternative for the look, tone, and feel of each guitar.

A lighter, more porous wood than ebony, rosewood provides a warmer and softer tone when compared to the hard-nosed sound of ebony. The wood pairings of this collection also complement the coil-splitting capabilities featured across each model, playing the role of a versatile foundation on top of which you can vary your tone settings.

Player-First Mentality

Each Limited Edition collection is the culmination of years of customer feedback from past offerings and keeping our ear to the ground in the guitar community. It is important to us that players feel connected to their instrument, as well as the history and development of the D’Angelico brand.

As we continue to move forward, our goal is to continue creating stylish instruments paired with exciting new technology so that each Limited Edition guitar is truly special. We share our founder’s belief that the artist comes first. Producing unique instruments with the aim of offering a bond between artist and guitar is our sincerest illustration of that principle.

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