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The D'Angelico Effects Jazz Pedal I


The compressor in the D’Angelico is based on our Philosopher’s Rock pedal. The BLEND control found in this section allows you to mix cleantone in parallel with the compressed sound in order to restore natural pickattack and overall transparency. The SUSTAIN control sets the compressor’s threshold. This wide range knob is VERY powerful imparting everything from subtle optical limiting at lower settings to outrageous amounts squash and sustain at higher settings. The VOLUME control sets the overall output level of the compression section.


The BOOST control sets the overall boost level. Turning the knob clockwise will increase the available clean boost up to 12db. This circuit is perfect for a transparentsignal level boost. We have chosen an overall maximum of 12db in order to allow fine tune control of exactly how much level boost you want throughout the entire range of the knob.

Effects Loop (Send / Return)

The SEND and RETURN jacks will allow you to patch any other effect(s) in between the Compressor and Booster sections of this device. Simply connect the SEND jack to the input of the effect you are looking to insert and connect the output of the effect to the RETURN jack.

XLR DI output

The XLR output is wired in parallel with the main output to provide a DI signal for front of house mixing. Like the master output, the DI signal will contain the combination of Compressor, FX Loop and Boost sections you have activated

•   Clean Tone Enhancer
•   Optical Compressor w/ BLEND
•   12db Clean Booster
•   XLR DI output
•   True Bypass FX Loop
•   18VDC 300mA supply included
•   Circuit Design by Howard Davis
•   Sound Design by David Kolta

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