Hardshell Case For Electric Hollowbody Guitars

Starting at $110.00

Deluxe hardshell case with Classic Gold D’Angelico logo & velvet lining.


SS Case fits the following models: Premier SS, Premier Bob Weir SS, Premier Kurt Rosenwinkel, Excel SS, Excel SS Shoreline, Excel Fabrizio Sotti SS, Deluxe SS, Deluxe Bob Weir SS, Deluxe Kurt Rosenwinkel SS

DC case fits the following models: Premier DC, Premier Grateful Dead DC, Excel DC, Excel DC Shoreline, Deluxe DC

17″ case fits the following models: Premier EXL-1, Excel EXL-1, Excel Marilyn Monroe EXL-1, Excel 59, Deluxe EXL-1, Deluxe 59.

16″ case Fits the following models: Excel DH, Excel 175, Excel Elvis Presley 175, Deluxe DH, Deluxe 175.